Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raising the Roof - Part 3

Pics from my mom's iPhone at the house.  You can see the walls are going up already! I will get some more pictures tonight with a real camera . . .


Tiffany Utility

I usually do my laundry in my best black tie dress, pearls and diamonds (Neil Lane lets me borrow them for the Ikea carpet).

It was only proper then (duh) to paint my laundry room the color of where I eat my breakfasts -- Tiffany. Last night my mom and I (dressed to the nines) painted the laundry room a cheerful color called Robin's Nest by Benjamin Moore.

I have now coined the laundry room my Tiffany Utility Room :) Silly me didn't bring my camera last night, but here's a look at what it looks like in other rooms -->

via Apartment Therapy
via Wee Decor
 Here's the look I was going for -->

via Pinterest (Little Green Notebook)
via Pinterest (Cameras and Chaos Blog)
via Pinterest

I look the airiness of the the blue/green Tiffany color.  Makes it look like doing laundry is [almost] enjoyable.  Also, loooooooove the yellow/red accents the smart lady used in her nursery.  Thinking maybe add a rug like this (little 3x5 - $70):

Or maybe go a little more country with a blue/white striped rug:

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Not sure yet.  I guess it will depend on the color tiles we choose...Tonight I will ask my paparazzi to take more pictures.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raising the Roof - Part 2

Here are some iPhone photos taken by my mom at the scene of the crime today...


Diggin' and Drinkin'

This weekend Lynn and I tried to get a bunch of stuff done, but it seems that we were too popular :) We were at the house all day Saturday (8am - 6pm), but little was accomplished because we have such great friends! (Poor, poor pobrecitos!).

8:00-10:00 am: Lynn sands the house; Erin paints the basement.

10:02 am: Two LARGE dump-trucks full of dirt arrive to help us even out our backyard.  We ordered them straight from The List of Sir. Craig for FREE ($40 delivery). 

10:05 am - The dump trucks dump the dirt.  We have a 5ft mound in our yard.  The neighbors love us.

12:45 pm - Our friends Jess and Wade arrive (no photo proof -- boo). We give Wade the tour.  Wade offers to become a fully employed bartender in the man cave.  We accept.

1:00 pm - Kara and Ben (you can find them in this month's J. Crew catalog) arrive.

1:02 pm  - We crack open their house warming gift.

2:05 pm - We say good-bye to our 4 friends.

2:08 pm - Lynn sands the house; Erin moves dirt around.

3:25 pm - Michael, Sharon, and their two little love-bugs, Elijah (their son) and Lucy (their pup), arrive with a delicious bottle of French rose wine.

3:27 pm - We realize we have no cups/glasses.  Michael pours out water bottles, and we drink in style :)

3:25:02 pm- We give the P. family (Lucy included) the tour.

3:26 pm - Lucy comments about how she loves the Farrow and Ball paint color (Woof! Woof!)

3:32 - We take a family photo :) 

3:40 - Elijah landscapes our yard.

3:45 pm - We say goodbye to the P. family.

3:46 pm - Lynn starts playing in the dirt; Erin paints the basement.

4:30 pm -  Aryan and Lauren arrive with another housewarming gift.  You guessed it - Beers!

4:31 pm - We crack open the housewarming gift and give them the tour.

4:45 - We realize that Aryan is a man (1) of brute-force; and (2) will work for beer.  We put Aryan to work in the dirt, and keep him fully hydrated.

4:55 - 10 minutes later Aryan has perfectly leveled the dirt, planted grass, the grass has grown, and our lawn is perfect.  (Aryan is superman).

6:00pm - We all have a sufficient buzz and call it a day :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pinterest (!!)

Umm, YES! This is the BEST site for inspiration! 

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.

You name it! You got pics that people have spent time pulling from the internet.  Brilliant!

We are painting our basement and pantry.  I saw a picture of a pantry make-over on the The House of Smiths blog and absolutely loved it. 

So I decided to Google other pantry make-overs to see what else people had done.  I thought, maybe I won't paint? Maybe I'll wallpaper instead - cute idea! What colors do I want to do the shelves in? Who knows?  Google took me to the wonderful world of Pinterest, where I got to see everyone's favorite pantries in ONE PLACE.  Here are some pics of some great ones.

Think of the possibilities? At least it's a fun place to spend your free time perusing/day-dreaming :)  Knowing that I have a lot more important tasks to get done before we move, the pantry will probably end up with the same coat of paint as the basement, and some white Ikea wall shelves... But, I bet one weekend this summer, when I've had enough of the blah pantry, Pinterest and I are going to go to town.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Chinese Chippendale Chairs

So Pretty!!!
Jonathan Adler

Every time I see these chairs in a magazine or blog, I pause in awe.  But until recently, we lived in a one bedroom condo, with no dining room, so there was no excuse for me to buy expensive occasional/dining chairs.

Before moving into our house, the word "Chippendale" only conjured up images of this -->

Or better yet, this --> !!

Now, having done my research, I know that this lovely chair is a Chinese Chippendale chair.

via Decor Pad
via Elle Decor
via House Beautiful
Jonathan Adler's design via House Beautiful

Perfection! However, these puppies can cost an arm and a leg . . .  (don't fret too much --- keep reading)

Jonathan Adler - starting at $495 (eek!)

Ballard Design's Macau Armchair, $249
Ballard Design's Macau Side Chair, Set of 2 - $399

BUT! If you're willing to search, you may be able to find them for less on Etsy, Ebay, or Craigslist.  For example, look at what I found yesterday!!

ETSY: $450 for 4 CHAIRS! Click here for the listing

I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to buying them, but we're trying to save money right now (hard when you're redoing a house).  So, I offer them to you, my loyal readers.  If you purchase them, tell John I said hi.  I messaged him (the seller) to tell him how beautiful there were yesterday... 
While I was daydreaming about dropping $500 on chairs yesterday, this is what I planned to do to them:

1) Spray paint them brown, and add a shiny coat finish to achieve the lacquer look.
2) Cover them in a fun fabric, like --->

Calico Corner Expedition Coral ($22 per yd - on sale!)

and... WAAAA LAAAAA!! Chippendale perfection! (Sorry Farley, you're still my favorite Chippendale :)

Maybe add a white parsons dining table, or maybe an old rustic country dining table, or maybe a white pedestal table? See inspiration --->

Let me know if you pick them up! 


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The cute little Cape Cod on our block has just gone on the market! 3BA, 2BA, cute little garage!

Who wants to be my neighbor???


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shingle Theory

We plan to hang a shingle out on our house (haha, lawyer joke, not funny).  In fact, we expect to hang multiple shingles.  Here's the newest design for the "Raise the Roof!" project: 

As you can see, we are adding a gable dormer above the original gable entryway, and then we are putting a shed dormer about 6-8 in' back from the roof line (the pictures don't really show the fact that the dormer will be placed back a bit).  The gable dormer will have the same wood siding as the rest of the house, but the shed dormer will have shingles.

Now comes the hard part.  What color to paint the house?? Shingles and siding = 1 color or different colors?? We also found the old original shudders for the house, which adds a little kink in the equation.  Put the shudders back on? And if so, paint them the same color as the door??

Originally, I had thought I wanted to paint the house a Nantucket grey and have a red door.

But now with the shudders in the mix (I think red shudders could be a little overkill), I have started to rethink this color scheme.  I'm also worried that (1) the neighbor across the street has a blue house, and it may be too much blue/grey for the block, and (2) the grey could end up looking cold, not as inviting as I'd hope.

I was also on the fence of whether to try and get cedar shake shingles or go with the less-maintenance painted synthetic shingles.  

So, Lynn and I drove around Arlington last night and took pics of houses with dormers and/or shingles.  Here's a couple of the pics we took:

I've come to the conclusion, that we are not going to do cedar shake shingles (too much maintenance, and the painted shingles look so nice and fresh), but we are still undecided as to:

1) Whether to paint the siding and the shingles the same color, or different colors (maybe paint the shingles a darker shade?)

2) The color scheme?!?  I played around on Better Home and Gardens' Color-a-Home, and came up with this color scheme that's a little warmer than grey, and with Navy-ish door and shudders:

3) Still paint the door red??  Here's a pic of a house that the Young House Love kids crashed in Richmond, and it's absolutely adorable.

I KNOW you guys are out there reading this, so if you have an opinion, please comment :) I have to make this decision in the next week, and it's a big one.  Por favor!!


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